By combining our personal taste, individual style and unlimited resources, we can get an attractive decorating appearance for about any space. But there are some common done things that we should not do. For avoiding these mistakes at first we have to know well about the trend of these mistakes. We can put together the top things and make a list of we should never do when decorating a space, whether it is in a traditional setting, in a casual decor or in a nursery decor.

Selecting Furniture That Doesn’t Fit

We would not wear any clothes in a loose or skin tight size, so we would not select furniture that does not fit in our room. Before we shop for the furniture, whether we are buying a new or at a sale of garage, we should measure the room, should think about where we are going to place the piece of furniture, and write down some notes. Sometimes we buy pieces of furniture that are very small, and thinking we can include more pieces of some others to fill the other space. In other sense, sometimes we buy big pieces to fill up space to reduce the necessity of buying other pieces. This thinking will totally destroy our decoration. We have to plan out our arrangement and think it twice, and then select the pieces that are just right.

Use Too Many Prints and Patterns

It is not wise to pick up just any fabric or piece of furniture only by liking. Before picking up the piece of furniture we have to consider we can work around it. Then plan the color scheme, choose a main pattern, small prints, find the coordinating stripes and then plaids that increase our choice.

Float a mat in the Middle of the Room

All the elements in the room must be connected in both ways, physically and visibly. A carpet on the ground adds connection and a color between the pieces of furniture. It looks good to tuck the carpet under front legs of a sofas, chairs, and tables.

Push the Furniture up touching the Wall

We have a common thinking that a space will appear bigger if the floor’s middle is open, without placing any furniture. But thing is that the opposite is correct. Unless we are having a dancing party in the middle of our room, it looks good to shift the pieces into groupings in center.

Put Out All Collectibles

Whether we collect knick knacks from many travels like salt and pepper shakers, ash trays or fine pieces of sculpture, we should not put everything out at one time.We can select only the most important pieces, either in monetary or sentimental value, and get rid of the rest.

About the author:

William Swift is a single daddy of one adorable little girl and running a small wall décor business to support the whole family here is the website He receives lots of compliments from people around on his obedient, independent and well-behaved little daughter. He likes to share his experience and thoughts to help people to redo their home.