Breast Cancer Awareness Month means so much to so many different people.

Whether you’ve gone through it yourself or know someone who has, the number of people affected, in some way, by breast cancer is astounding. The Center for Disease Control estimates that over 226,000 people were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. It is, according to the CDC, the most common cancer found in women.

So, in an effort to rally around those who have experienced breast cancer, as well as those who have loved and supported someone through it, let us raise up the month of October with an element of HOPE.

Décor that Supports a Cause

An easy way to bring awareness to and honor the lives of so many around us who have been affected by breast cancer is to make visuals and reminders where they can be easily seen by neighbors.

What better way to cheer on your support then by incorporating awareness elements in your fall décor?

To get your creative juices flowing, here are 5 breast cancer awareness ideas for decorating for fall:

The Hope Pumpkin

The pumpkin may be the staple fruit of Fall, but with some simple modifications, it can be a staple Breast Cancer Awareness Month décor item, too. Here are a few breast cancer pumpkin decorating ideas:

  • Paint your pumpkin pink. A simple craft for DIYers everywhere, paint your entire pumpkin in pink hues to show your support.
  • Stencil on HOPE. Whether in a pink background or not, “HOPE” painted or carved into the pumpkin’s side gently encourages others to think and care to hope for a cure.
  • Carve out a ribbon. The pink ribbon has been a growing symbol of support. Show you care, too, by carving a ribbon into the rind of the pumpkin. Add a warm glow with a flameless candle inside.

Pink Mum Ribbon Wreath

breast cancer decorating ideasInstead of – or in addition to – carving a ribbon into your pumpkin, consider taking any and all fall mums and putting them together to create a wreath. Breast cancer wreath ideas are endless, but a Styrofoam wreath cut into the shape of a ribbon can be a perfect foundation for adding pink mums or any other pink and fall material you might have laying around. Leave a little space for hanging the wreath with ribbon at the top and voila! Your front door or window shows others which cause you feel is important.

“Scare Away Cancer” Scarecrow

Scarecrows are meant to do just that, to “scare” away the crows. Make your scarecrow give cancer a fright by dressing it up in a themed Breast Cancer Awareness outfit. For extra emphasis, consider making your scarecrow a strong female in a power stance – a fierce thing to behold.

Awareness Web

Spider webs and creepy crawly bugs tend to appear this time of year. This time, however, you can make a web of your own to grace your outdoor space. Make a list of the people you know who’ve been affected by breast cancer. Hang an oversized spider web and add one spider for every person. Have others do the same until the entire web has been filled to the brim with spiders.

Mum Pumpkin

Mums come in all sorts of colors for fall: rust, orange, yellow, and – you guessed it – pink. What better way to incorporate breast cancer awareness than by using pink mums in all your Fall décor? For a simple centerpiece, hollow out the inside of a pumpkin and turn it into a vase capable of holding a beautiful array of the pink blossoms. For a slight alternative, consider hot gluing blooms to all sides of the pumpkin.

Fall can be a great time to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Use these breast cancer pumpkin decorating ideas to make your space a place that truly speaks for the cause.

Feature Image was taken by Pricilla Hill.