As Christmas is arriving with a magnificent speed, it’s time to get ready for the welcome of your loved ones, who have planned to spend some quality time with you during this festive season. So don’t wait for decking your house at the last minute, instead start thinking about creative decorative ideas, which can fill your loved ones with great surprise. Try to include the warmth of festive decorations at the every nook and cranny of your house. Light up the entire house including the yard with warm festive colors like red, yellow, white, purple, neon, green and blue.

christmas decor ideasMake a bold statement by decking the walkways and porches with LED lights and a verity of holiday displays. But considering the fact that you spend a lot of amazing time with your guests on dining table while enjoying the festive feast, it becomes important for you to deck your table with stunning festive decorations.

Given below are some easy DIY table centerpieces for Christmas.

1) Create a centerpiece for your table with a vintage touch

Going traditional can serve really well when it comes to adding a festive cheer to your dining table, especially during Christmas. Create an amazing centerpiece by gracefully arranging pine cone, small size bare branches, painted pumpkins, a vintage lantern and some pine twigs on a wooden basket for giving that perfect traditional touch to your dining table.

2) Give a red, golden and white look your table

If you are really looking forward to giving a complete Christmas touch to your dining table, then you must highlight it with red, white and golden colors. What you can do is spread a white color tablecloth on it and then place beautiful table mats which have a tinge of red in them. And the absence of white color can be effectively filled by using a plain white crockery set.

3) Wrap the napkins as well as plates & spoons with silky decorative ribbons

If in case you want to remain simple yet stunning in your table decorations, what you can do is wrap each person’s plate, spoon & fork together with a silky red ribbon and line them gracefully on the table. In addition to that you can also wrap the paper napkins in the form of bundles with beautiful ribbons.

table centerpiece ideas for Christmas

4) Place small size table top Christmas trees and cover them with twinkling LED lights

You can easily create a bold decorative statement by placing tabletop Christmas trees on your dining table. And for giving them a more astonishing feel, you can cover them with colorful twinkling LED lights.

5) Make a Burlap garland and cover it up with juniper

Another interesting way of surprising your guests on the dining table would be to deck your table with a burlap garland which contains strings of LED lights. What you can do is, create a burlap garland and then insert fresh juniper twigs all over it. You can place the garland right across the center of the table.

6) Create a jungle theme on the table

In order to bring a traditional festive feeling to your feast, you can deck your table with small rain reindeer, pine cone, pine twigs, festive candle stands and candles, and small Christmas trees and pumpkin etc. All these things which I have mentioned here have to be of really small sizes, otherwise it will end up in crowding your table like anything.

7) Hang stockings and Christmas ornaments

For bringing that special cheer to your Christmas you have to be creative, and in terms of dining table decorations nothing can serve better than Christmas stockings and vintage ornaments. Use your creativity to place them gracefully on the table.

8) Create a centerpiece with decorative candles, cranberries and pine twigs

When it comes to dining tables, nothing works better than centerpieces hence you can keep on being innovative as well as creative and should keep on developing

your own centerpieces, for example, you can easily create a stunning focal point for your table with fresh cranberries, decorative candles and pine twigs. You can use a nice and big tray and put some candles on it and then fill the entire tray with cranberries. For making it more attractive, you can place some pine twigs over the berries.

9)Paint your table with a tinge of green and red

Spread some loose twigs of juniper and pine all over the table and place red color fruits such as apple and pomegranate right next to them. Believe me or not, but this will surely give a stunning look to table.

10) Place a small wreath at the center of the table and put a vintage lantern within it

If you have never tried decorating your table with a beautiful wreath, you must try it this time around. It is quite simple, all you have to do is create a nice and cozy wreath with seasonal greenery like Juniper and pine and place it at the middle of the table. In order to make it more appealing place a vintage lantern right at the middle of it.